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Vision Therapy Testimonials

Debbie – Age 58

After my auto accident I wasn’t able to see with or without my glasses. Focusing was very difficult and I wasn’t able to drive. Daily activities such as grocery shopping were impossible. By afternoon I would have to sleep as headaches would take over my life.

I am now able to do all daily activities and driving with confidence. They have even helped me with memory issues that occurred after the accident. I am thankful for such a thoughtful group of doctors and staff during such a difficult time in my life.

Mom April writing about her daughter age 9

We homeschool and getting my daughter to write, or spell was very, very difficult. She got angry at even thinking about letters. But she could read, and this told me that some step in her cognition for putting letters on paper was lacking.

Since starting vision therapy, she read the entire Wizard of Oz in 3 days, so her reading has improved immensely. The most dramatic change has been her ability to spell (now at grade level, when I thought we needed to restart at K level 6 months ago) and her writing ability as well.

Mom Margaret writing about her son age 8

My son had a lazy and wandering eye. We were concerned his eyes would stay like that and didn’t know that could cause learning and behavior issues that he experienced. Since the therapy, his eyes have straightened up and if they do wander, he is able to correct it easily.

Since the therapy he has shown a change in behavior and is thriving in school. We weren’t sure that therapy would work and are extremely pleased with everyone here and their knowledge. It was a huge success!

Mom Sheryl writing about son age 8

My son was falling behind in writing. He was not able to write in a straight line, even on lined paper. He couldn’t draw shapes and cutting with scissors was a problem. Even to run on a baseball field was a challenge, never a straight line from base to base. Now since therapy his school work is so beautiful. His reading is so much faster as well. He has gone from 100 words a minute to 150 words.

He can draw any and all shapes, cut out and paste his art work after coloring in the lines. He plays baseball with his age group, runs bases and hits the ball just as he should now. Others told me of their experiences and success with eye therapy. To share knowledge with others who don’t know how much one can improve their vision with eye therapy is priceless.

Mom Kimberly writing about son age 9

My son had strabismus in his left eye. Surgery was recommended to correct eye function and appearance. Since doing therapy his strabismus is completely undetectable and he does not need surgery. His reading and tracking is 100%. He is doing well in all areas of schoolwork and life. Therapy was amazing and completely effective in treating and “curing” my son.

Mom Casey writing about son age 10

Before therapy my son was falling behind in school. He was having a hard time reading. He had lost his confidence. Since starting therapy he has gained his confidence back. He is A & B honor roll in school and is no longer scared of testing. He has come so far since therapy. I would highly recommend therapy for vision. It has been a life saver for my son.

Mom Sally writing about son age 10

Before starting therapy my son had learning delays and problems with attention and focusing. We thought it was ADHD and had him on medication. It was difficult to get him to sit still and work on homework and classwork. He was in third grade but testing on a first grade level. Since therapy his grades have improved, and he is now on grade level for reading.

He is no longer on ADHD medication and is much happier. His focus is much better, he can remember what he reads and his spelling has improved. He went from 1st grade reading level to 3rd in 6 mos. This is such a valuable program and I’m so thankful we pursued it. It has been life changing for him and us.

Robinson - Age 28 – Major League Catcher

Was unable to return to playing baseball after sustaining a concussion. Was experiencing intermittent blurry vision, double vision, and headaches. In crowded areas people seemed to move too fast, it was distracting, and it was not that way before. Concentrating on reading was difficult. After therapy, no longer having headaches, blurry or double vision. Reading comprehension has now returned.

More comfortable in crowded areas, people do not seem to move too fast and noise is no longer distracting. I feel like myself again and was cleared to return to playing. “From the bottom of my heart I thank Michael for helping me in this process. So difficult that was but so beautiful. I thank God for use great people like you to help me. God bless you and your family” Isaias 41.10

Testimonials- thank you cards

Dr. Carol and staff,

Thank you so much for the excellent care and followup you and your staff gave me. Everyone was so professional and kind and I appreciate you all. Joy W.

Dr. Michael, Dr. Carol, and staff,

Thank you so much for the care and special attention you have given each of us. We appreciate everything you have done and continue to do. We are thrilled to know you all! Thank you! Sarah M and David S.

Thank you for always being so kind and caring. God gifted you to use that gift to touch lives with His love and you do. In Jesus’ love, Barbara C.

Dear Dr. Carol,

Thank you for your care, concern, and expertise. All are much appreciated. Elizabeth W.

From Google Reviews:

Casey Preston
2 months ago-

I am so thankful for this office and all of the wonderful staff. My son was really struggling in school we knew something was wrong but nobody wanted to help us. When my son entered 4th grade his teacher told us about Vision therapy. Working in the Medical field at the time I was a little skeptical, but willing to try anything to help my son.

We set up an appointment and from the moment we walk into the office I knew we had made the right choice. The first 12 weeks my son blossomed. His grades were going up and he had a new confidence. We have seen so much improvement from the day he started therapy. We are so blessed to have been referred to Dr. Michael and Kaydens amazing Therapist Wendy. I would highly recommend this office, and I will always be an advocate for Vision Therapy!