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Group of Kids, Pediatric Eye CareWhen you think of people you know who are coping with eye and vision disorders, usually images of middle-aged or senior individuals comes to mind. But little eyes may also have problems -- problems which can cause serious visual developmental delays and learning challenges if left undetected and untreated. But you can help your little ones avoid these roadblocks to a happy, productive life; thanks to the pediatric services we offer here at Family eye Care & Vision Therapy.

Benefits of Pediatric Eye Care

While newborn infants can see as soon as their eyes are opened, it actually takes up to 6 months for really clear, usable vision to develop. That's because vision is a function of the brain, working in coordination with the eyes to interpret images, and this is a skill that has to be learned. Unfortunately, barriers to the development of normal vision can and do occur at this stage of life. Common problems include:

  • Strabismus - A lack of alignment between the two eyes, interfering with focus and clarity and making normal depth perception difficult or impossible
  • Amblyopia ("lazy eye") - A condition in which there is poorer obtainable vision in one eye compared to the other, or less commonly in both eyes when compared to normal, interfering with focus and clarity and making normal depth perception difficult or impossible
  • Eye Diseases - Cataracts, glaucoma, eye tumors, or other diseases that may seriously threaten vision
  • Refractive Errors - Eye abnormalities such as myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism, which can afflict children as well as adults
  • Visual Skill Difficulties – these include difficulty with tracking, shifting eye alignment and focus, maintaining attention and various visual perceptual difficulties

When to Schedule Exams With Your Child’s Eye Doctor

It's critical to schedule three major pediatric exams for your child at our clinic. The first of these exams, which takes place at the age of 6 months, allows us to catch any diseases or functional disorders that require immediate treatment. The second exam, at age 3, gives us additional opportunities to interact with your child for more detailed information about any vision issues he may be experiencing. The third major exam should occur by age 5 or 6 in preparation for entering school. Any refractive errors or visual skill difficulties need to be diagnosed and treated at this stage so your child can read, write, study and play without straining to see.

Vision Therapy, Children's Glasses and More

If your child does have an eye or vision problem, don't fret -- Family Eye Care & Vision Therapy can address the issue right away by making recommendations and administering treatments. Vision therapy can be highly effective for correcting functional errors such as strabismus or amblyopia. We also offer a wide range of kid’s glasses and frames in stylish shapes and colors from the world's leading designers, so refractive errors pose no challenges for our team either. Additionally, Dr. Michael is a participating provider in the AOA InfantSEE program. This program provides for a comprehensive infant eye assessment between 6-12 months of age as a no-cost public service. The important thing is to schedule your child's next exam in a timely manner so we can ensure a lifetime of optimal vision. Call (941) 966-6700 today!

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