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  • June is Cataract and Fireworks Awareness Month
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June is Cataract and Fireworks Awareness Month

Eye Care and Cataract Awareness Month 

Proper eye care is important to everyone, whether young or old. There are a growing number of people in the U.S. who are suffering from cataracts. Our optometry offices in Osprey, Venice, Sarasota and surrounding areas are joining forces through Cataract Awareness Month to help educate people about how they can take preventative action to protect their eyesight. Through this public awareness campaign advocating safe eye care, you can take steps now to protect your vision in the future. 

Cataract Awareness Month Encourages Fireworks Safety 

With Independence Day just around the corner, fireworks safety is more important than ever. Why take a chance with your eyesight during this festive holiday? By practicing fireworks safety, not only the person using fireworks will be protected but eyes of bystanders as well. Of course, along with the month of June and Independence Day come the harsh, ultraviolet rays of the summer. Ultraviolet radiation is at its peak during the summertime, and exposure can lead to cataracts. As eye care specialists in Osprey, we want to do all we can to teach you how to do what you can to keep your eyes safe and healthy. Let our optometry center help you with eye care tips. 

Eye Care Tips for Healthy Eyes 

Through our optometry office in Osprey, we try to teach people how they can best perform eye care that will prolong healthy vision. Our top tip is for the summer months, and that is to always wear sunglasses. Direct UV rays can cause cataracts to form. Besides avoiding exposure to UV radiation, we advise people to avoid smoking cigarettes as smoking increases the risk of developing cataracts. Another risk to the vision is alcohol since it also adds to the risk of cataract formation. Diabetes can also increase the chances of cataracts. 

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