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​Visual Skills for Successful Learning

child struggling to do work in a classroom who could have a vision problem and need vision therapy

Visual Skills for Successful Learning

When it comes to your child's academic progress, you, of course, want him or her to make as much progress as possible. Our Osprey optometrists, Drs. Carol and Michael Orwasky, want to make sure that your child has the visual skills that are necessary for successful learning.

In order to make sure your child is in good health, remember to schedule regular wellness exams, including regular vision checkups from our pediatric optometrists at Family Eye Care & Vision Therapy.

The Importance of Vision and Learning

Did you know that in the classroom, more than 80%of what your child learns is learned through a visual pathway? Think about reading. Your child needs to have good vision in order to read well. When your child can't see something clearly, this means they can't effectively process it, which means they aren't going to learn what was intended to be learned. 

And not only does your child need to have good vision, but they also need to be able to keep the movement of their eyes in the proper place. You don't want them focusing on words that are two sentences ahead when they haven't even finished reading the sentence they are currently reading. Fortunately, our eye doctors can assess your child's visual skills and make any recommendations that should be followed to help improve the learning process. 

Does Your Child Need Vision Testing? Contact our Optometrists in Osprey, Drs. Carol and Michael Orwasky

If you believe your child is suffering from vision issues, please don't hesitate to contact the Family Eye Care and Vision Therapy center to learn more. Our eye care specialists will work with you and your child to provide them the best vision treatment and get them on their way to learning success. Our doctors offer services for residents in Osprey, Venice, Sarasota, and surrounding areas.

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