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The Link Between Autism & Vision

link between autisim and vision

The Link Between Autism & Vision in Osprey, FL

When a person has a neurological condition caused by underdevelopment, this is often referred to as autism. For those who have autism, this will influence how they are able to make sense of the world they live in. It will also impact how well they are able to interact and socialize with those around them and for some people, having autism will directly affect their vision.

Does Having Autism Lead to Vision Problems?

It is not uncommon for people with autism to have vision issues. Autism tends to cause motor and sensory delays and this often affects a person's vision capabilities. Common vision problems in those who have autism include:

  • Eye movement problems
  • Constantly rubbing eyes
  • Lack of making eye contact
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Bumping into objects
  • Increased need to stare at spinning objects
  • Widening of eyes or squinting when looking at an object

Can Autism-related Vision Problems Be Treated?

Yes, people with autism who have vision problems can have their issues treated. Special testing can be conducted to pinpoint the exact issues that the person is experiencing and appropriate treatment methods can be implemented. One of the most common types of treatment is vision therapy, which is used to improve eye movement control and gain visual stability. 

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