Autism and Vision

The Benefits of Vision Therapy for Children and Adults Who Have Autism with our Osprey Optometrist

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The team at Family Eye Care & Vision Therapy is here to provide comprehensive eye care including vision therapy for patients who have autism. This effective treatment provides recipients with an enhanced connection between their eyes and their brain. This improves the eyes and lessens the impact of visual processing issues. If your school-aged child has autism as well as vision problems, they may also suffer from visual processing deficiencies. These issues are often overlooked, and corrective lenses may not be the only solution for their eyesight problems.

Visual processing problems are often not considered as a possible visual difficulty, which can cause more frustration for the patient. If you have addressed any eye issues with corrective lenses but feel that there is still a problem, visual processing may be the culprit. Family Eye Care & Vision Therapy is here to conduct a comprehensive exam and provide effective care that will address any visual processing problems.

Understanding Vision Therapy

Vision therapy consists of a series of eye exercises that are customized to address the needs of the patient. These activities are conducted at our office and last between 30 minutes and one-hour treatment sessions. These sessions are done a couple of times each week. Many times visual processing issues are not recognized as vision issues and only corrective lenses, if needed are prescribed. Unfortunately, not addressing all of their visual performance difficulties can lead to frustration and affect behavior, especially in the cases affecting autistic children. When properly diagnosed, these visual processing deficiencies can be corrected through non-invasive techniques.

If your child is on the spectrum of autism and is having difficulties that are related to their vision but have not been helped with the typical treatments such as eyeglasses, vision therapy may be an effective treatment. Our staff can determine if their issue is with their eyesight or if they suffer from problems relating how they process visual information. In either situation, the friendly staff at Family Care & Vision Therapy is here to provide compassionate and effective treatment.

Family Care & Vision Therapy is Your Full-Service Vision Care Provider

The entire team at Family Care & Vision Therapy is dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to our friends and neighbors in the greater Osprey, FL area. If you want to learn more about the benefits of vision therapy for people with autism, please give us a call today at (941) 966-6700. Our vision care center is conveniently located at 694 S. Tamiami Trail. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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